Hello world!

I’ve decided not to change the title of this post. Given the subject matter of my blog I found it fitting.* I guess this is a good place to start some sort of introduction. Hi. Now that that’s done I can begin talking about what to expect on this blog. I think this will primarily serve as a development diary, although I’ll include other things too. Maybe some strange observations, or something to break away from topics unsuitable for non-developers, to make this less monotonous.

Stuff I’m Developing:

  • DigitSync iOS facebook contact synchronizer.
  • Draconem (name pending) iOS arcade style game.
  • Hobbyfan App for iOS (supposedly I’m making an app for where I work)

Other Stuff I Do:

  • Play Games (Currently playing MvC 3)
  • Go Out (Oakland nightlife scene? maybe)
  • Workout (I like to keep in shape, routine, diet… eh I’ll think of something)

Future Topics:

  • XNA X-Box Dev** (I literally just downloaded XNA 4.0 with Visual C# Express Edition)

*a “Hello World” is typically the first program written by computer programmers learning a new programming language or framework. teehee.

** I’ll probably abbreviate the word develop(ment) with dev, and developer with devver. Just a heads up.


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