A Lent Miracle

This post is going to be a bit off topic, but I had to write it down if only for my record of bizarre things…

During this time of year, between Ash Wednesday and Easter, most forms of christians (I think) forego a bad habit or adopt a good one. I, not being very religious to begin with, decided I should stop purchasing alcohol. I realize this is a bit of a cop out, and there are plenty work-a-rounds for me to get alcohol. A popular one is where I buy a friend food and they buy me a drink. The trouble comes into play when there is no one around but myself.

This is where, I dare say, a lent miracle occurred. One faithful Wednesday night the room mates were out of town, and I really felt like grabbing a drink. (I’m not an alcoholic, I have Thursdays off) I started to pre-game or as we now call it “getting drip” at my place. Taking shots of some gin my friend had left in the freezer. I was kinda bored though drinking alone, so I decided “screw it, I’m going to the bar, I’m going to break lent!!”. Note: I really didn’t care about breaking lent, but spending money on alcohol at a bar is not something I need to do either.

So I arrive at the Ruby Room, a fine establishment in downtown Oakland. Nice atmosphere, great drinks, I heartily recommend going there. Anyway, I take a seat at the bar and order a drink called the “Ruby”. I figured I’d splurge a little, after all I am breaking a rule I set for myself. The bartender goes upstairs to get some pint glasses, and fixes me my drink. I pull out my credit card and just as I’m about to hand it to her, she says “this ones on me.” WHAT!? you gotta be joking! Her reasoning was that she took a while to make my drink but I’ve waited much longer, I’ve had bartenders mess up and remake my drink, and it’s not on the house. Also, that has yet to happen to me- bartenders never buy me a drink. Sure maybe after a couple rounds I might get a free shot, usually when I’m with a group of people, but never the first drink, and an expensive mixed drink at that. Thus, say what you will, I say miracle… I was so pleased and sufficiently drunk that I didn’t bother purchasing a drink for the remainder of the night. Seriously though, what are the odds?


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