App Store Here I Come

So, I submitted my first app tonight. I’m pretty stoked. (although I don’t want to celebrate too soon as it still needs to go through the review process)

Anyway I thought I’d post some screenies of my work:

Man these picts really live’n up this blog… I should do that more often.

Here are some tips to avoid frustration when submitting your app: (namely things that drove me nuts)

You’ll need a special provisioning profile for distribution, which means you’ll have to revoke your certificate and add the new profile. Once you’ve done that you’ll have to download and open it.

Xcode 4 made it easier to submit your app, without even needing the application loader utility. Once you have your provisioning profile setup, just set your build configuration’s code signing identity to that of the new profile. (Project Navigator > Project File > Target > Build Settings > Code Signing Identity)

After you build for the device you’ll be able to build for archiving. (Menu Bar > Product > Build For > Build For Archiving)

Xcode will automatically redirect you to the organizer where you just hit submit and presto! (I would still like to punch the Xcode dev team)

Anyway, hoping “Maiden Days” will be done by tomorrow.. if my primary artists returns by then.


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