Soon I will be recreating this site, and in the process I’ll most likely remove these older posts. Why? Because they suck. Most of them are poorly written, and I know I can do much better.

Here are the projects I will be working on:

  • Compendia (Name Pending) – An iOS card game that focuses on recognizing patterns.
  • Maiden Days – An action/casual strategy game for iOS.
  • Personal Website – Pretty self explanatory.
  • PhoneTree – A social networking solution to managing contact information.

Those are the projects I’m “zero-ing” in on. There are a few that have been placed on the back burner as well:

  • Ultra Troopers – Action top-down shooter for OSX.
  • The Misadventures of Mayoskin – Metroidvania style game for the Xbox.
  • “Syntropy” – Platformer (my favorite type of game) for an unknown platform.

And some projects that have been cut out:

  • DigiSync – Facebook contact syncing app for iOS.
  • Facepalm – Facebook novelty app.
  • Dragon Fierce – A top-down arcade game for iOS.

Looking forward to posting updates on these projects!


New Web Address, Expired License… and Syntr-(ahem)-Cintropy

I registered http://www.ignatiusCore.com, which is currently being redirected here. Hoping to get a full web site up and running in the coming months. The sites content will include a full list of projects, personal anecdotes, and networking information. I was thinking about how excellent it would be if everyone had a personal website, not too similar to facebook/myspace but have that social networking aspect, while being able to share things the way you’d like to share them. I’d make it more about presentation and something that can uniquely represent an individual. Imagining the complexity of being able to create a full fledge site and have it hosted on one social network seems like quite the task and would need well crafted tools to make that a reality.

Note to self: iOS developer license has officially expired! So my apps are no longer on the app store. 😦 I would renew it, but I figured I could wait until I’m done working on my next couple apps then re-release the older ones when I’m ready.

Speaking of older apps, I looked through Ultra Troopers‘ code the other night. I haven’t touched it since the competition ended. I was doing some graphic work on it, but now I feel like working on a smaller project. I’m actually revisiting an older idea for this one and with my new found OSX-cocos2d combo knowledge, I’m feelin pretty good about it.

New App, A Bit Of Conflict, Site Redesign?

I’ve been completely bailing on both Ultra Troopers and Maiden Days, so I figured writing about it might motivate me back to work!

I have utterly failed in moving forward with any of the intended designs for either game, and have decided to down scale Ultra Troopers quite a bit so I can finish it by the competition deadline. As for Maiden Days, it’s been put on the back burner for now, and for good reason. Maybe finishing Ultra Troopers will humble me into down sizing Maiden Days. (cause right now, it definitely suffers from feature creep, although I still feel it’s doable within the next couple months)

Anyway, to the root of the problem. I’ve been working on another app, which may have some financial promise. I don’t enjoy postponing work on the games (I enjoy working on games much more than other apps) but I’m feeling pretty broke right now, and I’m feelin’ this idea quite a bit. The best part for me is the specific behavior of this program is not in other applications. (although, functional similarities are) Oh, and most importantly it doesn’t involve anything illegal and can go on the app store without being taken down.

In other news I’m considering a redesign of this site. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do considering this is a free wordpress account, but we’ll see!

uDevGames Blogathon: A Prologue

First off, I need to bring to your attention that work on Maiden Days has progressed slowly over the past couple days. This is mainly due to my entering in the uDevGames MacOS game developer competition which started about ten days ago. Why would I enter a mac game developer competition you ask? Is that a rhetorical question? In all seriousness, rediscovering this competition was too serendipitous for me to pass up. I had last entered this contest in 2008, which happened to be the last time the competition was held. Upon revisiting iDevGames.com two weeks ago- on a whim- (keep in mind I hadn’t been to the site in about two years) I discovered the contest (normally an annual ordeal) was back on. It’s destiny I tell you… DESTINY!!!

So I have until October 2nd to finish the game for the contest. What will happen to Maiden Days? I’ll still blog about it in post script form. I’m sure working on both games simultaneously will require lots of effort, blood, sweat, and tears… we’ll see what happens. After reading Justin Fic’s survival guide I’m pumped up and good to go.

Been A While

I’ve gotten a lot of work done but I’m feeling really lazy not posting anything up here.

Progress reports:

DigitSync has been turned into Digi-Sync. The reason for the name change is due to certain features that have been cut; namely the phone number part. The reason for the cut is because it violates the 2nd rule on the terms and agreements for Facebook developers. Well, just getting my program to sidestep Facebook’s graph API and inject the appropriate javascript so I could parse for the users contact information was about a month’s work, which kinda sucks. Without the phone number and e-mail feature I don’t feel good about a 99¢ price tag considering the competition, it looks like I’ll have to rely on the iAd framework for revenue. So far my synchronizer doesn’t do an amazing job at distinguishing itself, but hopefully the interface will prove worthy for the market.

That’s something I really like to focus on: User Interfaces. They should be as transparent as possible. Part of why I enjoy working on Mac OSX over Windows. Consistent interfaces; every button, text field, combo box, etc- all act the same regardless of which program they’re running in. Only the necessary information displayed at any given time. An aesthetic so pleasing to the eye, that it becomes part of the systems functionality. Ok…. this is getting kinda creepy.

Anyway, I started yet another project yesterday. It’s a game I plan on finishing tomorrow, or the next day at the latest. It’s super simple, and my room mates are doing the art. So far the basic game is done, just needs some bells, whistles, and a million dollar budget.

New Rule

From now on I decree I shall post whenever I feel like it! I realize that then the week is through I forget what I wanted to post about. I know I should really write this shit down.

Anyway, personal progress update on my Facebook contact synchronization app. (PPUFCSA) I’ve actually found a way to differentiate myself in multiple ways from current apps. (There are 9 or so I think) Although I cannot disclose those ways publicly I will say that one of them may result in the banning of my app from the app store. We will see soon enough.

In game development news on draconem: I’ve decided to rename the game “Dragon Fierce” partly because it sounds like the name of a game I would have played on Super Nintendo, and another part being the trend of iOS games having Angry/Upset animals in their titles. “Angry Birds” (obv), “Unpleasant Horse”, “Battle Bears”, “Crazy Hamster”, “Angry/Crazy Penguin” (original/sequel)…  uhhh “Sushi Cat”?.. ok that last one doesn’t follow but I know there are others. I also am being helped by a talented artist who has been involved in some Nintendo DS titles and ports to XBLA. I’m not sure how much he’ll help me out with Dragon Fierce (this would be for profit sharing) but I’m down to work with him. More on that later…