Soon I will be recreating this site, and in the process I’ll most likely remove these older posts. Why? Because they suck. Most of them are poorly written, and I know I can do much better.

Here are the projects I will be working on:

  • Compendia (Name Pending) – An iOS card game that focuses on recognizing patterns.
  • Maiden Days – An action/casual strategy game for iOS.
  • Personal Website – Pretty self explanatory.
  • PhoneTree – A social networking solution to managing contact information.

Those are the projects I’m “zero-ing” in on. There are a few that have been placed on the back burner as well:

  • Ultra Troopers – Action top-down shooter for OSX.
  • The Misadventures of Mayoskin – Metroidvania style game for the Xbox.
  • “Syntropy” – Platformer (my favorite type of game) for an unknown platform.

And some projects that have been cut out:

  • DigiSync – Facebook contact syncing app for iOS.
  • Facepalm – Facebook novelty app.
  • Dragon Fierce – A top-down arcade game for iOS.

Looking forward to posting updates on these projects!


Hello world!

I’ve decided not to change the title of this post. Given the subject matter of my blog I found it fitting.* I guess this is a good place to start some sort of introduction. Hi. Now that that’s done I can begin talking about what to expect on this blog. I think this will primarily serve as a development diary, although I’ll include other things too. Maybe some strange observations, or something to break away from topics unsuitable for non-developers, to make this less monotonous.

Stuff I’m Developing:

  • DigitSync iOS facebook contact synchronizer.
  • Draconem (name pending) iOS arcade style game.
  • Hobbyfan App for iOS (supposedly I’m making an app for where I work)

Other Stuff I Do:

  • Play Games (Currently playing MvC 3)
  • Go Out (Oakland nightlife scene? maybe)
  • Workout (I like to keep in shape, routine, diet… eh I’ll think of something)

Future Topics:

  • XNA X-Box Dev** (I literally just downloaded XNA 4.0 with Visual C# Express Edition)

*a “Hello World” is typically the first program written by computer programmers learning a new programming language or framework. teehee.

** I’ll probably abbreviate the word develop(ment) with dev, and developer with devver. Just a heads up.