udevgames Blog part duex

So it’s been a while since the last progress update on my projects. I’m already one month into the udevgames contest, and I have a basic engine working. I’d say I’ll have to work extra hard for the remainder of the competition if I intend to win. I figured I’d also throw in the links to both my forum devlog and the games page here:

Dev Log

uDG Entry Page

P.S. Still working hard on Maiden Days as well!


Birthday Blogonia

As of today, I have travelled 25 times around the sun. A quarter of a century.
If I were a computer, and my heart were my CPU, I’d be at 946,080,000 cycles.

That’s about as much nerdom as I can muster for now. Take care reader.

uDevGames Blogathon: A Prologue

First off, I need to bring to your attention that work on Maiden Days has progressed slowly over the past couple days. This is mainly due to my entering in the uDevGames MacOS game developer competition which started about ten days ago. Why would I enter a mac game developer competition you ask? Is that a rhetorical question? In all seriousness, rediscovering this competition was too serendipitous for me to pass up. I had last entered this contest in 2008, which happened to be the last time the competition was held. Upon revisiting iDevGames.com two weeks ago- on a whim- (keep in mind I hadn’t been to the site in about two years) I discovered the contest (normally an annual ordeal) was back on. It’s destiny I tell you… DESTINY!!!

So I have until October 2nd to finish the game for the contest. What will happen to Maiden Days? I’ll still blog about it in post script form. I’m sure working on both games simultaneously will require lots of effort, blood, sweat, and tears… we’ll see what happens. After reading Justin Fic’s survival guide I’m pumped up and good to go.

Coder’s Block

Haven’t even touched Maiden Days or Digisync in over a week. I was too busy watching a collection of T.V. shows on DVD which included: The Office, Parks and Rec, Eastbound and Down, Community, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Bored to Death, Real Time With Bill Maher, Lie To Me, True Blood, and anything else that seemed somewhat interesting. Conclusion: I need to get my ass back to work. Big time.

I started rethinking Maiden Days a bit. After some online inspiration courtesy of the following videos:

Edit– I’m just going to put the link to the “Everything is a Remix” videos because I can’t display them in my blog:


I’m changing some of the fundamental dynamics to make it a bit more interesting. Even changing the genre slightly. It may take a few more weeks to finish but I think it’ll be worth it. Small projects never seem to keep me motivated so I’m going to try this out. Right now the design is as follows:

Genre: Casual (TB/RT)S RPG

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m going to mix elements of turn based style play with real time elements. The Role playing elements are to a lesser extent in that you will have a selection of characters to choose from and each will have specific role advantages/disadvantages. Coupled with the ability to upgrade attributes for the character you’ve chosen based on experience points and your actions.

(Preview of the character select)

select your character

Users: 1 Player vs CPU or 1v1 Networked

I’ll be using game center to create a network for players to compete with one another on.

Theme: Nonsense.

There really is no theme to the game, nor do I plan there being a theme. It’s ‘Maiden Days‘, the title has nothing to do with the game and is as non-sensical as the game itself.

Controls: Touch, Swipe

Interface is standard for games on iOS (touch based). Swiping for movement, touching for attacking, defending. No use of the accelerometer or gyroscope.

Release Date: Aiming for mid next month, but we shall see. I’ll try to stay on track, and this will hopefully be updated as I go. At any rate, this will definitely be an exercise in my ability to design and code within a short period of time.

Off to it.

DigiSync v1.0

DigiSync On the app store

Now, I am truly stoked.

In other news, work on “Maiden Days” has been going smoothly. I expect that to be done by the end of this month.

Here’s a screenshot and an overlay with the design mockup:

The backgrounds are placeholders and the characters/interface will be polished a bit more in the final product.

More on the actual game later.

App Store Here I Come

So, I submitted my first app tonight. I’m pretty stoked. (although I don’t want to celebrate too soon as it still needs to go through the review process)

Anyway I thought I’d post some screenies of my work:

Man these picts really live’n up this blog… I should do that more often.

Here are some tips to avoid frustration when submitting your app: (namely things that drove me nuts)

You’ll need a special provisioning profile for distribution, which means you’ll have to revoke your certificate and add the new profile. Once you’ve done that you’ll have to download and open it.

Xcode 4 made it easier to submit your app, without even needing the application loader utility. Once you have your provisioning profile setup, just set your build configuration’s code signing identity to that of the new profile. (Project Navigator > Project File > Target > Build Settings > Code Signing Identity)

After you build for the device you’ll be able to build for archiving. (Menu Bar > Product > Build For > Build For Archiving)

Xcode will automatically redirect you to the organizer where you just hit submit and presto! (I would still like to punch the Xcode dev team)

Anyway, hoping “Maiden Days” will be done by tomorrow.. if my primary artists returns by then.

Been A While

I’ve gotten a lot of work done but I’m feeling really lazy not posting anything up here.

Progress reports:

DigitSync has been turned into Digi-Sync. The reason for the name change is due to certain features that have been cut; namely the phone number part. The reason for the cut is because it violates the 2nd rule on the terms and agreements for Facebook developers. Well, just getting my program to sidestep Facebook’s graph API and inject the appropriate javascript so I could parse for the users contact information was about a month’s work, which kinda sucks. Without the phone number and e-mail feature I don’t feel good about a 99¢ price tag considering the competition, it looks like I’ll have to rely on the iAd framework for revenue. So far my synchronizer doesn’t do an amazing job at distinguishing itself, but hopefully the interface will prove worthy for the market.

That’s something I really like to focus on: User Interfaces. They should be as transparent as possible. Part of why I enjoy working on Mac OSX over Windows. Consistent interfaces; every button, text field, combo box, etc- all act the same regardless of which program they’re running in. Only the necessary information displayed at any given time. An aesthetic so pleasing to the eye, that it becomes part of the systems functionality. Ok…. this is getting kinda creepy.

Anyway, I started yet another project yesterday. It’s a game I plan on finishing tomorrow, or the next day at the latest. It’s super simple, and my room mates are doing the art. So far the basic game is done, just needs some bells, whistles, and a million dollar budget.